Laughter and Essential Oils: Natural Cures for Your Dis-Ease

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Stories about ways laughter helps people enjoy their life more and gain better health.

This is the sixth, and final book in this series of books based upon the chapters of Orison Swett  Madsen’s book, “Cheerfulness as a Life Power”. Although his book was written long ago, the stories have ideas that are just as relevant today as we come to grips with ways to stay cheerful and positive when life hands us challenges. It is filled with ideas for how to use Essential Oils to maintain a healthy, cheerful attitude when faced with challenges of the mind, body or spirit. I doesn’t matter what order they are read in, as each one has a different focus and doesn’t depend on the others to get its message shared.

This book contains the story about a woman who kept a “Pleasure Book” and how she always found something lovely to write in it every day. Other stories relate how a Nobel prize winner offered his students $500 for the best thought. Discover which thought won the prize. It’s one you have often heard. Explore the idea that happiness is a thing to be practiced like a violin in another short story. The story about the “don’t worry” society is sure to make you smile. Engaging in the habit of happy thoughts can transform your life into one filled with harmony and beauty.

Images appear that relate to each story is some thoughtful way. Some are more obvious connections, others might have you dwell upon it to see where that image leads your thoughts as a way to notice small moments of pleasure each day.

Different essential oils are noted as a hint to what aromas might help you experience an emotion being described in that sentence. Some would be useful to aid you in ways to gain a more positive outlook on your world, others how to dispel an unhappy emotion that in noted in that story. At the end of the book, there is a listing of the essential oils noted in the book, and the benefits many people have enjoyed when using them. You will want to use this books to encourage yourself to inhale pleasant aromas and to always think happy positive thoughts to maintain a healthy, cheerful attitude even when faced with challenges to your mind, body or spirit.

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