36 Gratitude Quotes to Change Your Thoughts to Change Your LifeShort

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A printable deck of 36 positive thoughts based on the concept of using gratitude to create a new way of thinking.

This printable deck of cards has 36 positive thoughts or quotes from past world renowned thinkers. They all relate in some way about how expressing gratitude can change your life. No one can stay sad or in a negative mind-set once you begin to notice and appreciate by giving thanks for all the beautiful things that are in your world. Print the cards on heavy card stock, then cut the pages into for separate cards.
You can draw one out each night to use as a way to end your day having this thought be the last one you focus upon before drifting off to sleep. You can draw one out each morning to use as a focus for your day, and then you may want to carry that card with you that day, to remember to say thank-you when someone does you even the smallest of favors. You can look at the images as a reminder of the beauty this world holds for us to enjoy and express gratitude for such wonders that exist on this planet.
Expressing gratitude many times each day is an amazing way to rediscover how your life is full of positive moments and lovely people that you interact with in many ways.

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