Time to Build More Bridges 8.5”x14” Poster

. $5.00


A quote on a brick wall suggests we build bridges more bridges, not walls.

   A printable poster that has two bridges merging together as the are seen above rushing water. On the wall in front of the water and a tree, the quote reads: “It’s Time To Build More Bridges, Not Walls.” A creative thought to contmemplate to help us determine what postive actions we can take in these challenging times we are living in now to create a more peaceful world.

    This PDF file is formated to be printed in color in landscape format on an 8.5” x 11” paper, or for a more durable poster print it on card stock or photo paper. Check your printer settings to addjust the size to print to the edge of the paper or to fit on the page as a slightly smaller image. It does have a white border around the image.

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