A Pleasure Book

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Printable journal pages to use to celebrate pleasures you experience every day and color some happy designs.

    Appreciation of the pleasurable moments you make note in writing can make a day better, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary to begin finding new ways to create a more joyful life.

    This book has a little story about a “Pleasure Book” and the woman who inspired this type of journal. This story has the possibility to inspire you to look at the world a bit differently than in the past.

    Over the next 30 days use this "Pleasure Book" to write about a variety of positive experiences that happen every day of your life. Each page has a short prompt to remind you why, and how you might want to use it   to write about the many things that brings you pleasure each day. Each day’s to express in writing the many forms of pleasure you experienced each day. Use this journal to help you improve your outlook on life.

     Coloring has a way of allowing someone to slow down their minds and create something pretty. Each page also has a 5” image with patterns inside them to color. You can easily take a page with you to write on or color at any time of day as a way to break out of a routine or remind yourself to slow down and enjoy a pleasurable moment doing something fun at any time of the day.

This PDF file is formated to be printed in portrait format on 8.5” x 11” paper. You may chose to download it as Black & White or in color. All the images beyond the cover are black and white.

This is a digital product. Nothing will be shipped to you.

After your payment is recieved and the downloadable file will be delivered to your email. You then have 30 days to download one copy of this product. 

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