Thirteen Scary Monsters Meet-ups To Color

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Monsters are everywhere! Here are many you can color.

Monsters of many shapes and forms exist in our imaginations. Some are look almost human, but most have their shape based in some animal form. This coloring book has 13 pages where a couple monsters that meet up in interesting or scary landscapes.
When you have downloaded this PDF file of 13 images that have many different monsters meeting with another monster, you can choose to print one page or the whole book. The designs vary quite a bit. So you can pick and choose which one you want to color first, then choose others to color later.
You might want to create names for the creatures in each of these meet-ups and write some stories about some of the meet-ups on the pages at the end of this book.
At a party you could have everyone write a story about one of the meetings, or let everyone choose a page to write about. Then they can read it to see which is the scariest.
You may share these with family members and some close friends to color. Or if your are having a party, you could print enough for everyone to chose one they would most like to color. But please be respectful and only make copies for those people you are close to and you know love to color.
Another printable with a Halloween theme called “Cats, Bats and Pumpkins To Color For Halloween Fun” can soon be found in the Artful Life Adventures Store.

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